Association of Physiologists of India

Mission and Vision of ASSOPI

Mission of ASSOPI is to advance research and education in Physiology within and outside India, and to facilitate interaction and coordination between its members

  1. Advance the understanding of Physiology by bringing together scientists in the field of Physiology from different parts of the country and from outside the country, by facilitating the integration of research directed at all levels of biological organization, and by encouraging clinical and translational research and the application of new scientific knowledge to develop improved disease treatments and cures and for prevention of diseases.
  2. Provide professional development activities, information, and educational resources for physiologists at all stages of their careers, including undergraduates, graduates, and postdoctoral fellows, and faculties and increase participation of physiologists from different backgrounds.
  3. Promote public information and general education about the nature of scientific discovery and the results and implications of the latest medical research. Support active and continuing discussions on ethical issues relating to the conduct and outcomes of physiology research.
  4. To promote research in physiology that will aim at prevention of diseases and promotion of health to establish our subject as Preventive and Promotive Physiology.
  5. Inform legislators and other policymakers about new scientific knowledge and recent developments in physiology and other aspects of medical research and their implications for public policy, societal benefit, and continued scientific progress.

Office of General Secretary of ASSOPI

Dr. Gopal Krushna Pal
Prof. (Dr.) Gopal Krushna Pal
Executive Director & CEO, AIIMS Patna,
Executive Director & CEO, AIIMS Gorakhpur

Office of Executive Director & CEO,
All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Patna,
Phulwarisharif, Patna, Bihar-801 507
Mobile: +91 72928 26300
Whatsapp: +91 93636 75836